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Pocket Radiation Monitor PRM 2003

The Pocket Radiation Monitor is one of the personal radiation monitoring devices which is widely used in working environments dealing with radioactive materials or instruments.  Using dosimeters in these areas is compulsory by radiation protection law.

The monitor is mostly used for personal total absorbed dose measurement by user. The sensor of this device is a Geiger Muller detector suitable for detection of x and gamma rays with energy greater than 60 keV .

The instrument is full digital and has a microprocessor-based hardware, using a menu driven software which controls different blocks of the hardware as well as different settings such as number of bleeps per second for dose rate warning. The device is battery operated using internal 3.7 V Li-Ion type rechargeable batteries, accompanied by an external battery charger.

The resolution of this device is modified, comparing to similar survey meters, by its special hardware and software design.



Radiation detection rang:

Gamma and X-rays, 60 keV– 3 MeV


An energy-compensated LND 714 GM tube

Measurement range:

Dose range: 0.0001– 999.999 mSv
Maximum detectable dose rate: 100 mSv/h


8-digit LCD

Alarm Levels:

Freely adjustable alarm levels for dose rate


± 15% in Cs-137 radiation field, at 10 μSv/h – 100 mSv/h

Response to the angle of incidence:

±15% within ±90 º from the calibration direction

Power supply:

3.7 V rechargeable Li–lon batteries

Battery charger:

Input 220 V AC, output 4 V and 200 mA with cut off circuit

Battery alarm:

Two-step alarm for low battery voltage, complete charge


40×136×23 mm3


120 g including batteries

Temperature range:

From-10 to +65 º C

Pocket Radiation Monitor PRM 2003