Radioisotope Development & Production For Industrial & Medical Applications


Pars-HFM 01 Hand, Foot and Clothes Monitor

Your safety and security are our job!

Pars Isotope’s monitoring device can be installed where radioactive materials are used. The hand, foot and clothes (HFC) monitor, with six wide area gas flow proportional detectors, is used for simultaneous measurement of hands (palms, backs of hands, cuffs) and feet to detect external radioactive contamination of personnel working in nuclear environment. Moreover, it has an optional sensitive gas sealed frisker to measure other sides of the body.

The HFC is able to detect alpha and beta contaminations. The device software detects changes in background during monitoring and uses audible alarms and visual messages.

This product is suitable for various applications including:

  • Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmacy Departments
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Research Reactors
  • Uranium Processing and Fuel Centers
  • Uranium Enrichment Centers
  • Uranium Mines
  • Radioisotope Production Facilities
  • Nuclear Research Centers



  • Very fast and reliable for high traffic boundary points.
  • Optimized counting design to measure both sides of hands and bottom of feet in a single step.
  • Continuous monitor background.
  • Fixed count times or variable count times (as a function of background and user setting).
  • Low-cost with high performance.
  • Industrial-PC, Windows XP Embedded, printer, RF Identification, IR sensors, USB ports, speaker, large color touch screen.
  • The software can be altered for any new option ordered by customer.
  • Fanless electronic devices to prevent dispersion of contamination.
  • Easy maintenance, user-friendly with audible alarms and visual messages and instructions.
  • Comply with IEC 61098 standard requirements.
Pars-HFM 01 Hand, Foot and Clothes Monitor