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Co-60 Rod sources

This rod-shaped source forms a radiation field over the whole source length. Rod sources achieve the best measurement performance, ensuring highest level of accuracy and reliability.


Nominal activity



37 - 3.7

1 - 0.1

111 - 37

3 - 1

111 - 370

3 - 10

3700- 370

100- 10

12950 - 3700

350 - 100


Continuous Level Gauge

Due to the extremely sensitivity of the probe as well as its superior radiation exposure protection, it is not necessary to replace the existing gamma source due to end of its useful life.

In fact, using the high sensitive probe provides the capability of actually extending the existing source working life-thus saving costly replacement and disposal.



  • relatively small shieldings can be used with low weight
  • existing rod sources can be used in many cases
  • lower cost probe change out instead of more

costly source replacement / disposal

Co-60 Rod sources

Co-60 Rod sources