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The Celebration of exportation of Generator Pars TEC 2
02 March 2016


The exportation of Generator called Pars TEC 2 has reached to 1000 and celebrated it in the presence of AEOI’s organization head at Pars Isotope Company.

Prof. Aliakbar Salehi, vice president and organization head of AEOI, attended a special meeting with executives and employees of Pars Isotope Co. yesterday at Feb the 29th and visited production line of radiopharmaceuticals belongs to the company. This meeting was held followed by formal invitation of the administrator and the 1000th exportation of generator celebrated simultaneously.

Prof. Aliakbar Salehi visited different radiopharmaceutical laboratories. Having mentioned the importance of producing radiopharmaceuticals in Iran, he acknowledged the 24-hour hard work as well as eagerness of the production line that cannot be simply priced. He added that Pars Isotope’s radiopharmaceuticals save thousands of patients and improve many people. He asked the employees to do their best and continuously make their efforts, so tiredness cannot negatively affect their enthusiastic.

Organization head visited the company for more than 3 hours. Due to its vastness and products to be various and sundry, he could only visit radiopharmaceuticals’ production line and cold kits.